His word is in my heart like a fire…

We created Rivera Life because we wanted to make faith practical. Our journey with the Holy Spirit continues to be the most incredible, unpredictable, fascinating, ride of our lives. We want to show that to people, so that they know it’s possible. This is a space for us to put our lives on display so you can see one of a million different ways that Jesus moves on this Earth. We’ll be vulnerable publicly so that someone else can experience freedom. We’ll look foolish, so that someone else can feel free to ask questions. We’ll make mistakes, so that someone else can see what grace in action looks like.

Our goal is to simply be honest about what God is doing. That could come in the form of a sermon, Instagram post, or a podcast. Like everything in our lives, we’re open to how the Holy Spirit wants to move, and we’re excited to share that journey. If anything we do could help someone grow closer to Jesus then it’s worth it.

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