I like to talk

Standing on a stage with a microphone while people are looking up at you waiting to hear what Jesus has to say through you is the most beautiful weight of responsibility I’ve ever felt. It’s my favorite thing in the entire world when Jesus shows up and I can look back and say, “I have no idea what came out of my mouth, but I know Jesus was there.”

The world doesn’t need what Christina Rivera has to say, it needs what Jesus has to say. I do my best to say what He’s saying. Some of the topics He’s given me a specific burden for are:

Freedom – navigating spiritual warfare in a practical way.

Obedience – tuning in to the Holy Spirit and following His voice day-by-day.

Love – Love is the foundation we building everything else out of! If we can get God’s heart for love everything else gets a whole lot easier. 

While those themes are usually worked in to my messages somehow, I am open to talking on any topic! My goal is to pray specifically for your event and your people to steward what God is saying for you the best way I can.

You can view samples of my preaching style below. Got questions? I have answers HERE.


It’s always an honor to be asked to come and speak. I’m very intentional with every speaking request I get and do everything in my power to honor the house I’m invited to and steward what God is saying for that house.

If you would like to invite me to come and speak just click below and I’ll get back to you with availability! If you have questions check out this FAQ page.