Christina Rivera

Hi, I’m Christina Rivera and I’m in love with people. I had an encounter with the Lord ten years ago that completely changed me for the better. Since then all I want is to experience more of the Lord and I’ve found that one of the biggest ways He moves is through people. Every person represents a unique facet of who God is. I truly believe that when someone is walking in their true identity in Christ in partnership with the Holy Spirit we get a glimpse of God’s Kingdom on Earth.  It’s the most beautiful thing to witness and I want to see it MORE.

When we know who we are, what we’re called to do, and we’re submitted to the Holy Spirit we love people better and the world around us is infinitely more blessed. That’s what I help people do. I teach people who are struggling to walk in their purpose how to connect with the Holy Spirit in order to serve people around them better.

For the past ten years I’ve submitted my life to the Holy Spirit and did my best to follow whatever He was asking me to do. That journey led me to co-founding a women’s ministry, assisting with church plants, serving on freedom, prophetic, and teaching teams at churches, going back to school for Biblical Studies, getting ordained as a pastor, and preaching and teaching just about anywhere I was asked. More recently I’ve been able to expand that calling to helping people one-on-one as a certified life coach through the Christian Coaching Academy. What’s next is up to Him and my answer is “Yes, and amen!”

When I’m not drinking coffee and talking emphatically with my hands I’m chasing around the adorable tiny human I created with my husband Drew or making a dent in my Netflix queue. I love people. I love laughing. I love Jesus!

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